Violence is never OK

The Weinstein trial has begun in NYC and he has now been charged with multiple rapes and other sex crimes. Thank heavens for the strong women who took and stance and said no more!

It’s such a difficult and important thing to stand trial to help justice finds its way in this case and others. Not always do we see justice prevail so let’s hope the women (over 100) who stood up to be counted helps this case and the evidence results in truth and justice.

One group supporting these women and equality for all women is Times Up. Support these silence breakers on THIS PAGE.

If you are experiencing any form of violence you must seek help through local agencies, counselling and the police. You are not alone.

Every jurisdiction in Western countries provides access to violence orders to protect you. It may only be a piece of paper but it can help and more importantly it provides evidence of what is going on for you.

Suggested services and agencies to contact in your state/country to report violence against yourself or others include:

  • Police 
  • Domestic violence hotline
  • Crisis centres and shelters (womens/rape/homeless)
  • Free Counselling services such as Lifeline
  • Free Legal Aid

Don’t go through this alone. 

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