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‘Why you need a Divorce Game Plan’

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unable to see the best way through your divorce?

Have emotions taken over and paperwork started to pile up so it’s difficult to see your way through to the other side?

I totally understand. I have been in your shoes!

The best way forward through your divorce is to create a road map that gives you clarity and brings focus to the weeks (or maybe months) ahead.

I call this a Divorce Game Plan and it was the key thing that got me through my divorce.

I am passionate about helping people like you get through your divorce calmly and in control.

Don't let your Ex decide what you get from your divorce!

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What my clients say

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Let me support & empower you to be in control of your divorce case & be financially secure.

Lisa Dixon

About me

Are you going through a divorce?
I have helped 100’s of people just like you!

How I can help?

  1. I have successfully negotiated my way through my own messy divorce
  2. I am a finance specialist with over 20 years experience
  3. I am a member of the Law Society and a Justice of the Peace

Do you have a support team around you with the same diverse experience?

I have the expertise and knowledge not only to navigate the way through complicated divorce proceedings but I get your pain and I understand the rollercoaster of emotions and ongoing challenges that come with divorce.

I came through the other side of divorce with everything I wanted and I want the same success for you!

Lisa Dixon answers some questions about Divorce TV