Coming through the other side of divorce

What happens in divorce
Whether you are at the beginning, in the messy middle or close to the settlement of your divorce, there are a number of steps we can help you with - deciding to divorce, going to court or not, shared custody, property, negotiations, spousal support, child support, debt allocation and valuing your assets. Where are you at now?
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Educate yourself
We have a number of downloads including worksheets, tips and tricks to help you through divorce and get you to the other side. Check them out now. Make sure you cover off income, valuing your assets, debt control, shared parenting and "How much for the chickens?"
educate yourself
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People I've Helped THROUGH DIVORCE

"As a young newly divorced mum of 2 girls I thought I knew what I wanted but Lisa showed me how to have one of the houses and how to get income from the family business. We wrote a gameplan and in settlement mediation she was there with calculations and good suggestions."
Mum of Two
Divorce Game Plan & Mediation
"My second marriage only latest 2 years and I was devastated. Lisa helped me through the fog and worked out what outcome was best for me and how we could achieve it. I was able to keep my house that I loved and most of my savings and recoup from this traumatic experience."
Divorce Support
"I have 5 children and an import business and my divorce was a surprise and shocking. I wanted to keep my business and work through the kids issues privately outside of court. Lisa Dixon helped."
Mother of 5
Private Mediation
"I went through mediation with Lisa on call. My ex didn't want me to have any of the houses. Lisa helped me and now I have a roof over my head for my girls. Thank you Lisa!"
"My ex wife of 2 years wanted 80%. With lisa's help we negotiated down to 11%. I kept most of my savings and my house. Thank you!"
Husband of 2yrs
Private negotiations
"I was so happy when Lisa was able to review and advise on the weekend when timing was critical! Thank you!"
Divorce Support

How I can help you

No matter what stage you are at in your divorce I can hold your hand and get you through to the other side.

1:1 Coaching

Let me hold your hand and be a shoulder to cry on as I help you navigate your divorce.

financial advice

I can help with your balance sheet and planning for your financial future.

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I am committed to supporting you on your journey and helping you to get through to the other side. of divorce.

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