Wondering what to do with your wedding ring after divorce? Here’s what I did with mine.

When I became separated and I knew that this was the last time we would try to make it work in impossible conditions, I moved my wedding ring to my right hand.

At first this felt really weird! Unnatural after so many years. I also felt like everyone in every shop was watching me and judging me. Silly I know! It just felt so uncomfortable when out to dinner or shopping.

Then I started going out with friends and something funny happened – my ringless wedding finger was bringing unwanted attention from younger men! This was making me uncomfortable too. So then I tried a few things. Putting it back on on my ring finger, replacing it with a simple band and replacing it with a dress ring. 

Other ideas I had and suggestions from friends included:

  • turn it into a necklace (I had lots of those!)
  • save it for their kids (but I didn’t want it sitting in storage not being used )
  • sell it or have it melted down (I couldn’t do that as it was actually my mum’s wedding ring so very sentimental to me and our family)

So what did I choose to do with my wedding ring?

When I sold one of my businesses and had some extra cash I decided to splurge on me! I took some of the proceeds and splashed out on a stunning aquamarine diamond ring I had seen at a local jewelry shop. The jeweller’s wife had the same one which I always admired.

This was a purchase that was just for ME! I still wanted to wear a ring on my left hand so it replaced my wedding ring and because my wedding ring was sentimental to me and didn’t just represent my past marriage, I still wear my wedding ring on my other hand.

Every time I look at the ring I had made for me, it brings me JOY. As the Japanese say “it brings happy thoughts” and I no longer feel judged by anyone.

This was the perfect solution for me. So what about the perfect solution for you?

Don’t let others sway you from what feels right for you. Remember whatever you do should bring joy and hope for you in your life.

Here’s a few things to consider as you decide what’s right for you

  1. Was it a family heirloom from your Ex’s family? In this case it should be kept for your children if you have them or would you consider returning it?
  2. Is it your family heirloom? What would your family want you to do with it.
  3. Does it still bring you joy? Are you are OK with the memories that come with it. Maybe you continue to wear it on a finger or around your neck. Don’t let anyone tell you that’s not ok.
  4. Can it be repurposed? What other piece of jewellery would you enjoy wearing.
  5. Do you need the money? Maybe you need to let go of the memories and the cash would be handy. Then just move it on with no regrets.

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