3 essential steps to organise your finances for your divorce

One of the first thing you need to do if you are going through a divorce is get your finances in order.

Understanding the numbers is essential. You need to take stock of where you are now and where you want to be post-divorce, and be clear on what you will need to live the life you want!

I have worked in finance for many years but I understand how complex crunching the numbers can be. That’s why I want to teach you how to become your own finance expert!


Here are the three steps you need to take:

  1. Have a checklist and finance folder – be clear on what documents you need to have copies of, what information you need to source relating to your finances. Start ticking them off the list. Create a folder with the documents that you will need to reference often!
  2. Create a series of spreadsheet – You will need to be clear on assets, debts, income and expenses of yours, your Ex and as a couple including all family expenses if applicable.
  3. Your divorce balance sheet – this is where you nut it all out and see where you are at. A divorce finance balance sheet is not easy to come by. There are certain columns unique to the divorce process. Fill it in, adjust often and reference throughout your divorce so you know your financial position now and where you are heading.

Feeling flustered and unsure of how to work through all these financials?

Well my NEW Essential Finance Tool Kit will be a game changer for you!

This pack gives you the the full list of all documents you need. It includes a series of worksheets so you can start listing everything down and it contains the exact balance sheet I used myself during my divorce.

My divorce spreadsheet is not easy to come by as it is especially created for people like you. I have also thrown in my tips on child support negotiations if you have kids.

Don’t ignore the numbers and don’t put yourself through the pain of trying to work it all out. This pack gives you all you need to start the process and work through all your financials. 

Need further financial advice? Book in a 15 minute free chat with me today and let me know where you are stuck, or book me in for a financial tune up and we can work through it all together.

Want to learn more about divorce and your finances? I share my three top money tips on this video.

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