How much for the chickens?

Negotiating your way through divorce.

How do you negotiate your financial settlement and get what you want. What do you really want?!

It’s all about negotiations – how much for the chickens!

At the end of the day you need to work out what you want to be left with after your divorce is done and dusted. It won’t be your lawyer, your friend or anyone else but you who decides. That’s why this is so important for YOU!

Do you want to keep the family home plus the investment property? Do you just want cash so you can start again? Be specific.

What does the other side want and what are you willing to negotiate?

You need to take stock financially by looking at a balance sheet and understand how your property settlement could look when you come through the other side.

In this podcast video I talk negotiating, really thinking about what you what from your divorce and how to plan for your divorce negotiations.

Find our simple balance sheet template on our FREE DOWNLOADS page and read my Top 5 negotiation tips HERE.

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