5 ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive for your kids – and you!

Christmas is a time filled with emotions and it can be a tricky time of the year to keep things in check when it’s your first Christmas apart from your Ex, especially if you have kids to juggle.

Here are five important things to remember in order to keep emotions in check and everyone happy. You want to keep the Christmas spirit alive for your kids and make memories together even when family life has changed.

1. Keep busy before and during the Christmas period, busyiness can keep you from feeling lonely or sitting with your memories.

2. Plan ahead and have set times for sharing the children on Christmas day and around other family and friends celebrations and Christmas events.

3. Stay busy when you are alone. Organise things that you enjoy doing when you don’t have the kids in your care. Get the exercise in, visit friends, see a movie, wander the shops and your local area. Out of the house helps.

4.Grandparents and other family need time with the children too. It’s hard for everyone so incorporate your extended family in plans and together you can support each other and keep the Christmas spirit alive even when emotions are high.

5. Remember you are their family. The children have to learn to manage with two families now and it may take time to adjust but when you have them behave like a family and have a family Christmas. Don’t lose the traditions.

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