3 coping skills to get you through divorce

These three coping skills are what I used during my divorce. They are simple and effective.

First up is the importance of journaling. Not only is writing a helpful tool to clear your thoughts but it’s actually essential to write down daily feelings, activities and incidents relating to your divorce. This will become evidence if you end up in court.

I also found it very helpful to write down what I am grateful for in my life despite the rollercoaster that is divorce!

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Next is your Divorce Game Plan. This is a roadmap for you so you can stay on track with the process of divorce and make sure that you get what you want. Watch THIS VIDEO which explains the 3 reasons why you need a game plan and download my FREE EBOOK to start planning!

Finally, it’s about your loved ones and if you are a parent – your children. Communication, sharing and being present is so important for you and them. If you can keep things calm and stable at home you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

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