The #1 strategy to reclaim your power from your Ex

You’ve heard about journaling but have you heard about divorce journaling?

Divorce journals help you in court and in the settlement process. It’s the way to keep a detailed record of what happened with the kids the day they spent time with your ex.

Journaling is easy and quick and it’s critical evidence!

In this video podcast, I share my tips and tricks on journaling which is THE STRATEGY to reclaim power from your ex. If you write down everything. then nothing is forgotten and it can all be referenced.

PLUS don’t forget to keep a gratitude journal!

Gratitude is described as “the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”.

Being grateful for your life, your family and friends, and the happy times (which you will have amongst the angst) will help you on those tough days and get you through to the other side of divorce!

One habit I formed during my divorce was writing down three things I was thankful for that day before bed – it can be the simplest things!!!

Are you journaling yet? If not, buy yourself a journal you love and start today!

Share with me your journaling experiences and what you are grateful for on Instagram or my YouTube channel.

For more tips and inspiration, hop on over to our FREE DOWNLOADS page or book a FREE CONSULT to find out how I can help you through the other side of divorce.

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