Win your case with a kick-ass affidavit!

Wondering what an affidavit is? If you are heading to divorce court then you need to know!

An affidavit, also known as a Divorce Statement, refers to your divorce story.

It’s a sworn statement that tells the story of your marriage resulting in divorce. It has to be factual but it’s also a story. It needs to flow and be in your words.

An affidavit may be needed before trial, for briefing a barrister/lawyer or for family court. It lays out the facts from your point of view and must be convincing to get the attention of both the court and the other side. You must also have as much proof as you can to back up your story.

In this video podcast, I discuss in more detail including what you will need included in your story, and I explain why you need a kick-ass affidavit to win your case!

If you need help writing your affidavit contact me today and let’s get started!

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