Kids and Divorce – a few common questions answered.

How to manage kids during divorce is a popular topic. I have had lots of questions recently. I share a few below.

Keeping the kid’s routines, what to do when they aren’t returned by your Ex, and what to say to the school are the three topics I cover below.

Parenting during divorce can be a challenge especially when you are going through mediation or court proceedings.

The most important thing for your kids is to keep to a routine and keep them out of any conflict between you and your Ex.

I share 11 strategies to help your kids through divorce in my FREE eBook, but below I discuss some common topics of concern I often get asked by parents.

What to do when your kids aren’t returned by your Ex.

School support – how they can help and what to tell them.

Keeping your kid’s routines and who can help when you are on a budget.

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