Turn Your Dreams into Reality!

Start dreaming big by creating a Divorce Vision Board.

Have you ever created a vision board?

I love making vision boards and creating a special Divorce Vision Board during my divorce really helped me focus forward (not live in the past) and start planning for my future.

Six years on and I continue to update my vision board and place it in different areas of the house to keep me dreaming big and achieving my goals.

In this video podcast, I take you step-by-step through creating your Divorce Vision Board and explain why it is so helpful during your divorce settlement period – and beyond!

I have also created a Vision Board ‘Dream Big” pack now available in my shop which includes a PDF with the instructions I run through in the video, as well as printables for your vision board including inspirational quotes, top 10 goals sheets and other lists to get you to start thinking about the future for you and your family.

Also included in my pack is a monthly Dream Big Planner to add to your board where you can clearly list your top goals for the month and key dates for your divorce proceedings.

I also want you to look after yourself, so a Self-Care Check List is part of the Dream Big pack also.

I have spoken a number of times the importance of gratitude journals and having a journal is another element to dreaming big, staying focussed and planning for your future.

This is why also in my Dream Big pack is my eBook “The NUMBER ONE strategy to reclaim your POWER from your Ex” which discusses in detail journalling not just for you but also why it’s important to keep records of everything during your divorce.

If you find it hard to see what lies ahead for you and your family or if you are dwelling in the past ( which is understandable – I have been through the divorce process too!), I want you to make time to get a vision board started I promise you it will help!

Please reach out if you need any assistance and I would love to see your boards too! Share them with me on Instagram !

For more tips and inspiration, hop on over to our FREE DOWNLOADS page or book a FREE CONSULT to find out how I can help you through the other side of divorce.

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